Training Facility

The training facility is a 15-acre site managed and maintained by the Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department. Supporting the needs of regional emergency services, the facility has various props, features, and open space to perform a wide range of training evolutions. Having a local training site improves collaboration between departments, allows more opportunities for joint training, and prevents depleting resources by reducing travel to training centers in other parts of the state.


Class A Metal Burn Building

The site features a two-story, 1,730 square foot metal construction class A burn building with eight rooms, three dedicated burn rooms, stand pipe with sprinkler prop, roof ventilation prop, as well as anchors and railing openings for repelling and other rope and ladder training. The building was funded through local and county efforts along with a significant grant from the Virginia Department of Fire Programs.


Draeger Flashover Simulator

The flashover simulator is an indispensable tool allowing participants to witness real fire characteristics under the supervision and direction of certified instructors.

Heated/Cooled Indoor Facility

maze building.jpg

This single story building with roll up doors allows training in all weather, storage/staging, rehab, and other uses. In addition to the SCBA maze, the building includes a forcible entry prop, Denver Drill prop, and other features.


There are two classroom trailers on site, allowing a quick transition from classroom to practical training.

Additional Facilities

  • Extrication and vehicle yard

  • Tripod tower for ladder training

  • On-site hydrant

  • There are currently no sink facilities or restrooms other than Porta-Johns.

  • Please bring your own supplies for decontamination and cleanup using truck or hydrant water.

How to schedule training

Contact the Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department to reserve the facility for training. Certified instructors with prior approval to utilize the facility must be present for all training. Please discuss and understand who is responsible for consumables (wood, hay, palettes, vehicles, etc.), cleanup, and securing the site when reserving the facility.

All facilities and requirements (classroom needs, audio/visual, supplies, access to the hydrant, heating/cooling, etc.) must be specifically requested or they may be unavailable.

This facility is monitored. Inappropriate or dangerous use will not be tolerated and could result in criminal or civil charges. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!